You are the test subject. In this dark environment escape room, you have to solve various puzzles to escape from the research center where you are trapped. Can you find out how you got there and escape???


After people liked Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room so much we wanted to do another Escape Room. We are sure you will like it as much as the last one!


  • Solve puzzles based on logic
  • Explore different rooms, find clues and hidden objects
  • Discover more about the experiments and your past
  • Enjoy the dark and atmospheric setting
  • Music composed for each room


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Nintendo Switch (America)

Nintendo Switch (Europa)

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Each one of our games is a handcrafted effort where we blend strategy, puzzles and narrative. The result? A little masterpiece that will persist in your memory forever!
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Tested on Humans: Escape Room Credits

Kiko Martínez Cervera
Project Leader, Game Designer and Developer, mc2games
Maribel Martínez Cervera
Game Designer and Developer, mc2games
Emilio Soto
Musician, Freelancer