You wake up in a spaceship with no memories. In this escape room with a sci-fi setting you will have to investigate your past solving different puzzles. Will you be able to discover what happened to you and how did you get there?


We and our friends are a huge fans of escape rooms. In March 2020 when lockdown started in Spain, we made a tiny prototype for our friends as a way to play a escape room from home. After seeing the good reception, we commited to a bigger project and it became Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room!


  • Escape Room with a sci-fi setting
  • Solve puzzles, decode secret codes, find hidden objects
  • Discover how the plot progresses and different aspects of your past as you explore new rooms!
  • Enjoy the mysterious and atmospheric setting.
  • Music composed for each room


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Nintendo Switch (America)

Nintendo Switch (Europa)

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Each one of our games is a handcrafted effort where we blend strategy, puzzles and narrative. The result? A little masterpiece that will persist in your memory forever!
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Palindrome Syndrome: Escape Room Credits

Kiko Martínez Cervera
Project Leader, Game Designer and Developer, mc2games
Maribel Martínez Cervera
Game Designer and Developer, mc2games
Emilio Soto
Musician, Freelancer